The best Side of Flat Earth Proof

perfectly carried out. ninety five% ball-shite available to crawl over and past. igan is often a Awful b'tard. uncovered often times now. cia programmer. in all probability ran the julian assange cia boarding house in aussie for very little blonde boys.

Steven William Engelhardt:  is yet another Energetic Facebook shill who who joined IFERS as "" that is his website. He also commenced a "Flat Earth Wiki" website and hounded me for weeks to add to it when he hadn't nevertheless contributed just about anything to it himself. He finally designed a pair paragraphs with regard to the Bedford Stage, promoted it throughout Facebook like it had been some good accomplishment, then further more pleaded for getting me and Other individuals to contribute to his Flat Earth Wiki which I just didn't have time for, and it seemed like he did not either from the state of it (very similar to Lori's lazily built, never up to date FlatEarthConspiracy.

Many thanks alot for the info. You might be so right about Mark Sergent. He can make The entire flat earth subject matter search Silly. He's like Homer Simpson he seems to just get dumber and dumber as time goes on! He is un-listenable to me now. Whats with all the many quite a few interviews he presents?

wow! Been blown absent by this consider the earth. No satellites? thats makes sense because google maps cant have the poles appropriate. I have been attacked on pal talk for bringing this subject up. some dude stated they did a laser experiment in san fransisco bay disproving flat earth but have not checked it out.

Wow, Eric, I had no idea these people, a couple of that You named, were shills. Thnx for Evidently listing Each and every fault and uncanny reaction to the videos. I like that you simply back again it up with a several fantastic factors with backlinks and references. I even tousled and emailed that just one man. Thnx to the heads up!

  Acenci relayed Mark's concept which mentioned, "Of course I don't have evidence that almost everything from the sky is really a projection of some sort. The glimpse, and view I'm getting is strictly from the design standpoint."  And herein lies Mark's approach to muddying the waters of real truth and poisoning the flat Earth well.  Anything he has to state on the flat Earth issue relies on "his product"; not science, evidence, experiments, proof, or purpose, but rather what he thinks works best from "a activity style standpoint" (simply because he was once a video activity designer).

  I've proven in my Flat Earth Conspiracy book outside of any shadow of the question that world Freemasonry has been chargeable for this international deception, and an easy Google look for of "Judaism and Freemasonry" will satisfy everyone of The point that world Freemasonry is 100% beholden to, originating from, and taken care of by planet Jewry.

Eric i joined your Discussion board and following a week I used to be banned for inquiring a question, i am new to the principle however it makes a lot of sense to me and it has alter my outlook entirely as how we are actually lied to for many years by check here NASA and all of the training method.

  Quickly IFERS users started out digging into Jeran's on the web background and found some really sizeable accusations of bitcoin fraud.  A website named was produced by a man accusing Jeran of scamming, extortion, blackmail, and personal defamation!  Upon receiving phrase of what we had dug up on IFERS, Jeran wholly flipped out and you can browse his weak attempt at defending himself below.

Thanks greatly for letting me know that is accurate and who's not. Soon after taking a look at Mark Sargents bs it is good to know about the other shills out to disinfo frequent folks.

  As you could imagine, when exposing a 500 year running conspiracy involving NASA, the U.N. and world Freemasonry, there'll be Loss of life threats (which I'm acquiring often) and controlled opposition agents will probably be despatched in to infiltrate and co-decide the increasing movement.  I am crafting this post to expose the proof I have compiled that many this sort of authorities shills are presently hard at get the job done undertaking just that.

Dude! I just read this whole web page and wished to study a number of Individuals ifers boards. These are all gone! You needs to have actually ruffled some feathers! Oh how I like it! Additional proof you will be on the correct monitor! Boylan is hysterical! He does appear to be a fantastic artist if that means anything.

  In a single job interview Mark had the audacity to lie and claim which i purport the Flat Earth disc is constantly growing to account for gravity After i have uncovered in my posts/interviews frequently that this is the Fake Flat Earth argument set ahead because of the managed opposition Flat Earth Modern society, and that gravity does not even exist!

I am just a girl who knew the earth wasn't spinning and made a decision to find out if there was more information regarding it. I discovered your operate and some Some others and by no means in 1,000,000 years would I imagine that the earth might be flat but the evidence was mind-boggling and it just built a lot sense. I understood it had been the truth. I watched Mark Sargents Clues as well as evidence in regards to the flights from the southern hemisphere was new. I observed him get outed as a shill, good I see it, shifting on. I've been viewing Jerenisms movies And that i appreciated them and my spouse, who's not still confident the earth was flat was seriously wanting ahead to this experiment Together with the laser. I've observed that the person hasn't nonetheless set up a video While using the experiment, but has place up a video about currently being accused being a shill right just before performing an job interview with Mark, but from an outsider, I thought the person had a degree about needing to choose sides and obtaining banned for it.

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